Our Vision, Our Mission, Our Values


To produce bigger and better yields radical change in the agriculture model is needed.

The agroecological transition appears to be a promising path as it combines ecological knowledge, science and the agricultural world. It also offers farmers the opportunity to become stakeholders in this change and adapt to the individual landscapes rather than imposing standard practises.

Our Solution: Increasing and managing the natural biodiversity of the soils.


This is based on the observation made by the founders from major results from 30 years applied research on the health of plants:

An agrosystem where we increase the natural biodiversity becomes more robust against bioagressors, climatic risks and a scarcity of resources (water, fertilizer). This action is long lasting if, and only if, the farmer is able to maintain and control the increase in biodiversity throughout the crop.

The solutions from MYCOPHYTO: technical and scientific support products and tools all aim to help productors to manage their agro-ecosystem for efficient farming.


To provide personalised microbiological solutions and to support agricultural stakeholders to:

– Improve the natural biodiversity of the soils

– Increase the yield and quality of the crops

– Reduce the environmental impact of crops

– Adapt to climate change

– Cultivate clean products that respect the health of consumers.

Mycophyto aims to become a leader in offering microbiological solutions in biostimulation, and to reinvent the agriculture of the future.




Scientific excellence