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Erik Orsenna writes the sequel to the Mycophyto Saga

Published 8 October 2020 TribuCA

The French Academy member Erik Orsenna, who is passionate about natural raw materials, joins the Riviera venture of sustainable agritech through financial and strategic support. This shines an incredible light on the Sophia startup.

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Published 9 October 2020 Nice Matin :

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MYCOPHYTO i-Lab winner: An innovation program combining Big Data, AI and Biotechnology.

MYCOPHYTO is the 2019 winner of the prestigious i-Lab innovation competition, organised by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. The financial support from BPI France allows us, in partnership with INRAE, INRIA and UCA to create:

– An exclusive referencing system for the interactions of these micro-organisms with plants.

– A unique micro-organism bio-bank.

– A predictive system for the interactions between mycorrhizal fungi and crop-soil environment.

MYCOPHYTO will be able to predict and select the AMF mixes best suited to each crio and each environment.

More Informations: MYCOPHYTO – CP Lauréat iLab

MYCOPHYTO has increased its development with a raised capital of 1.4 m euros.

MYCOPHYTO has completed a first capital raise of 1.4 m euros via a range of investors who are interested in new technologies and long term development: Creazur, Region Sud Investment and the OLBIA and OBSIDIANE family group. BPI France rounds off this financial aid through its program French Tech Seed.

This funding will allow MYCOPHYTO to build its team, to consolidate its R & D activity and to accelerate its commercial development in its target sectors with a view to future internationalisation and industrialisation.


MYCOPHYTO in collaboration with…
A producer of aromatic natural raw materials

Since 2017 MYCOPHYTO has been collaborating with the Albert Vieille company, a producer of aromatic raw materials in Grasse and recently a subsidiary of GIVAUDAN , a world leader in aromas and perfumes. Targeting the Centifolia Rose, the project has focused on the study of indigenous mycorrhizal fungi present in scented rose crops and the stimulation of natural synergies between these fungi and the roots of the rose. The results are promising with an increase in the mycorrhizal potential of the soil of 15%, a better resistance in the roses to water stress and aphids and an accelerated vegetative growth of the rose by 30% in their first year.





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Revitalised soils and restored biodiversity promoting an efficient and sustainable



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