The Indigenous Mychorrization: a win-win association

MYCOPHYTO revitalises the soils and optimises the natural synergies between plants and microscopic soil fungi called arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMFs). This symbiosis (a mutual benefits association) exists in natural environments for the last 450 million years, but like other microbiotic organisms these fungi are now found in only small amounts in the soil. MYCOPHYTO’s innovation resides in research, the production and installation of the indigenous AMFs and the specificity in each case.

Contrary to generic industrial products, MYCOPHYTO works exclusively with indigenous AMFs, which are already present in the soil and so adapted to each land and crop for an eco-efficient agriculture.

Each key step in the process: the selection, the conservation, the multiplication and finally the strain inoculation of AMFs has been the subject of patented investigations.


MYCOPHYTO, an 30 years old R&D expertise

Justine LIPUMA

Co-Fondatrice & CEO

Christine PONCET


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