An industry committed to the quality of the soils

The wine industry is experiencing multiple upheavals induced by climate change and consumer demand; rising temperatures, water stress and the arrival of new pests are the problems that come from society’s demand for an agriculture that is more eco-responsible and bio-products or those with an environmental certification.

Wine growers must adapt and innovate from the vineyards to the winery, putting in place long-lasting solutions according to each landscape.

Agro-ecology appears to be a future path where soil management is becoming a major issue, as is the controlled increase in biodiversity.

The customised solutions from MYCOPHYTO are therefore particularly adapted to this industry where the notion of landscape is essential. MYCOPHYTO works with stakeholders in the wine industry (technical institutes, inter-professional organisations, winegrowers, cooperatives) to propose its microbiological solutions and to put them in place.

The impact of AMF mixes on the olfactory and gustatory quality of wine is a key concern that is currently under study.

Bibliographic synthesis “Mycorrhizian/vine”

Increase in the absorption of water and therefore limitation of water stress

Improved hormonal activity

Protection against pests (mildew, nematodes)

Resistance against pollutants (excessive copper…)

Increase in root density in fine roots when they are not very abundant in the vine

Decrease in the energetic costs of the plant

Long-term soil structuring (limitation of soil erosion thanks to the hyphae and glomaline produced by the fungi)

Improved global efficacity when associated with AMFs.