Fruit and Vegetables

Work on a variety of production methods

The fruit and vegetable industry, a key agri-food sector, has a high consumer expectation of natural products that guarantee good health.

Producers must respond to these expectations whilst ensuring high yields to meeting growing demands, with reduced resources (water, cultivable soil).

It is necessary to innovate to put in place new production methods combining better resource management along with optimisation of harvests.

The mycorrhization works on almost all the species used in market gardening and arbori-culture. MYCOPHYTO provides an effective and proven sustainable solution in all cropping systems: full soil, full field, glasshouse and out of soil.

Results from the Field

Since 2017 MYCOPHYTO has described and executed the natural plant-soil fungi synergies in the Mediterranean agro-systems. Project IMPACT: Innovative Plant Microorganism synergies to ensure agro-ecosystem adaptation to climate change in the PACA region. Financed by the University of the Cote d’Azur, INRIA partners and Campus Vert d’Azur Antibes.

MYCOPHYTO has obtained convincing results, currently being published, for tomato (earth, coconut fibre)

15% increase in fruit yield,

3 weeks increased harvest length,

30 – 40% increase in root hair,

50% decrease in fertilizer amounts.

In 2018 MYCOPHYTO has confirmed the positive impact of its solutions on olive plantations under a contract with the CHAMPSOLEIL farm which cultivates over 1000 olive trees on the hills of Nice and whose organic oil is a prize winner at the biggest international competitions.

Nos solutions s’adressent à tous les producteurs, agriculteurs, industriels souhaitant mettre notre innovation au service de leur culture et d’une agriculture éco-efficiente.

MYCOPHYTO a développé en particulier des solutions pour les cultures en climat méditerranéen et en climat tropical, notamment pour les plantes à parfum, aromatiques et médicinales (Rose, lavande…), la vigne, les cultures maraichères (tomates…) et arboricoles (oliviers…).

Notre savoir-faire et notre expérience sont en effet parfaitement adaptés aux cultures sur le pourtour méditerranéen et pour les cultures tropicales.