fragrance plants

fragrance plants
Convincing results in representative regions

The booming AMSP sector as a whole must respond to the strong natural desire of its consumers.

Faced with this challenge the producers and manufacturers are looking for solutions to guarantee yields, manage the transition to organic production (or with a minimum of pesticides), and finally secure the identity, the supply and the traceability of natural new materials.

Based near Grasse, the World’s Perfume Capital, MYCOPHYTO has developed a unique know-how for offering producers and manufacturers tailor-made solutions and support them in the implementation of optimised and sustainable agronomic systems.

References & Projets

MYCOPHYTO is collaborating with ALBERT VIEILLE, world leader in the perfume industry, as part of an experiment analysing the impact of mycorrhizal solutions on the organic cultivation of the May Rose, with promising results: An increase of 15% in the mycorrhizal potential of the soil, better resistance of the rose to water stress and an accelerated growth of 30% in the plants first year of growth.

As part of the continuing MYCOLAV project with the CRIEPPAM (the Regionalised Interprofessional Centre for Experimentation in Aromatic and Medicinal Scented Plants), the University of Grenoble, the CNRS and the European University of Scents and Perfume, MYCOPHYTO has confirmed a 40% increase in the development of conventionally and organically grown lavender, a 50% reduction in fertilizers and an improvement in the field of tolerance to wastage (articles being published).